What is visualisation ?

Data visualisation is the graphical representation of information and data.  This could be in the form of graphs, maps, or simulations, for example.  These visualisations may by dynamic - evolving over time or capable of being manipulated visually (eg rotation).  In the world of big data, data visualisation tools and technologies are essential for analysing massive amounts of information.

Visualisation nodes

Some of these applications need a lot of graphical interaction.  This can overwhelm the resources on your local machine, and it also not well handled through the HPC clusters.

To enable running of  these type of applications we have introduced some new visualisation nodes.  They are part of the ADA infrastructure, but are access directly, rather than through the queueing system on ADA.

We currently have two visulatiion nodes (and will add more depending on demand).  The nodes are

v01, v02


Intel Xeon Silver 4116
NVIDIA Quadro P5000
CPU 24
2.1GHz 384GB DDR4 10Gb/s Eth


Who should use the visualisation nodes ?

Anyone who needs to produce a visual output from, or visually interact with a large amount of data which is too large for your local PC.

The application must be able to run on linux.

Examples of software applications that might be used :

  • matlab
  • R
  • stata
  • gview
  • schrodinger
  • VMD
  • python