SVN and Trac at UEA

Subversion and Trac are provided at UEA to enable the research community to share version controlled files within a research group. 

Examples of files that can be source controlled are:

  • C, FORTRAN and C++ source code; 
  • Input files for programs;
  • Shell scripts;
  • System configuration files;
  • Documentation, e.g. man pages, text documents.


It is recommended to source control anything that is small in size, in text format and valuable. Anything that can be re-produced, e.g. data files, should not be source controlled as space on the Subversion server is limited.

The Trac system allows project management, bug tracking and Subversion repository browsing. Each Subversion repository can have a Trac project and is recommended for software development projects.

In the first instance please mail us at

Let us know :

  • Your username
  • The repository you want created, or access to
  • Usernames of people allowed access to the repository