With increasing storage requirements a common trend across many fields of research, ISD has developed a sustainable research storage infrastructure at UEA, to support the current and ongoing demands for:

  • Lower cost, high density storage capacity

  • Tiered storage architecture

  • High performance shared access to research data

  • Lifecycle management of research data

This is achieved principally through the automatical moving of data between the different storage tiers based on defined policies, for example based on performance requirements, creation date, access requirements etc. The resilient research storage infrastructure is based on familiar enterprise level SAN storage based in the ITCS data centres, with features including nightly backups, the option of regular snapshots, multi-platform access including from the UEA High Performance Computing cluster.


Storage is available to purchase or be included in research grants at a basic cost of £100 per TB per year.

There is a flexible framework within which to purchase storage depending on requirements, with a minimum transaction of £100 and a maximum term of 5 years, thus a minimum storage amount of 200GB.


The following boilerplate statement is available to include in research grant applications:

"All project data will be stored on UEA's secure Research Storage Infrastructure, based on IBM enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN) hardware housed in secure, environmentally controlled and monitored data centers. Data will be regularly backed up to tape with copies in both data centers at UEA"

Storage request form

If you require a research storage share, please complete this form and return it to the Systems Team in ITCS (itcs.systemsteam@uea.ac.uk)