Matlab Total Academic Headcount License

The University has invested in the Matlab Total Academic Headcount License (TAH) for researchers and staff.  This license provides unlimited use of Matlab and the following toolboxes for research and teaching:

Matlab Matlab Compiler
Simulink Mapping Toolbox
Bioinformatics Toolbox Neural Network Toolbox
Computer Vision System Toolbox Optimization Toolbox
Control System Toolbox Parallel Computing Toolbox
Curve Fitting Toolbox Signal Processing Toolbox
DSP System Toolbox SimMechanics
Data Acquisition Toolbox Simscape
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Simulink Coder
Image Acquisition Toolbox Simulink Control Design
Image Processing Toolbox Stateflow
Instrument Control Toolbox Statistics Toolbox
Matlab Coder Symbolic Math Toolbox


The Matlab Total Academic Headcount license will help enable research and will resolve problems with license availability in teaching. 

Using Matlab at UEA

The UEA Matlab networked concurrent license server serves the TAH license to PCs connected to the UEA network.  Additionally, Matlab is available on the general purpose Linux login server, and the UEA High Performance Computing cluster Grace.  More information on using Matlab on Grace can be found on the Grace Matlab page.

Offsite Use by Researchers

The Matlab TAH license also allows researchers to register for a designated computer license, which allows usage when not on the UEA network, making it possible to use Matlab at conference or on field work.  Please note: this is not available for undergraduate students.  For more information about registering for a designated computer license, please email

Matlab Mobile

Matlab TAH also enables access to MATLAB Mobile, a lightweight desktop on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device that connects to a MATLAB session running on MathWorks Cloud.  More information can be found at

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can use the Matlab TAH license as long as they are connected to the UEA network and the network concurrent license server.  Students can register to download Matlab and associated toolboxes from please see for more details


Mathworks provide a comprehensive selection resources on can be accessed from the MathWorks website:


Matlab Users Mailing List

If you use Matlab in your research or teaching, then we would encourage you to sign up to the UEA Matlab users mailing list, where we will make any service announcements relating to Matlab such as when new versions are supported by the license server, when new versions are available on the High Performance Computing cluster Grace etc.  As part of the TAH partnership with Mathworks we will be looking to organise training events and seminars at UEA run by Mathworks experts and the mailing list will also be used to announce such events.  The mailing list is for staff and research postgraduates only.  To sign up please email