IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have to be connected to the UEA campus network to connect. To achieve this connect first to the UEA vpn -

Account Application

Prior to using the HPC you will need to register for an account.  We aim to setup all new accounts within 2 working days.

Please follow the instructions below to connect to HPC.

From a UEA Computer

All UEA owned computers should have the appropriate software installed on them. For reference purposes, the following applications are the ones which we recommend.

From a personal Computer (Windows)

If you wish to use the cluster for example at home via a personal computer. You will need to ensure that you have installed and configured the appropriate software.  

Please download and install the following software packages (freely) 

Once you have installed the software packages referenced above, follow the configuration guides  shown below

From a UEA owned Linux Computer

From an Apple Mac OS/X device