Enable Your Research with High Performance Computing at UEA


Why use High Performance Computing?

The HPC cluster provides access to a variety of hardware that can support intensive computation, including high memory, GPU, parallel and standard compute nodes.  Users are able to run many concurrent jobs enabling fater work throughput.  .

The HPC team provides assistance with computationally challenging workflows in all areas of science and big data at UEA.


Request an account for High Performance Computing

If you would like to request to use the HPC facilities, please complete our application form

We generally complete all new HPC account application requests within two working days, but during busy periods this may differ.


The HPC and linux environment is new to many users and requires a new method of working.  Please browse the site for information on how to use the cluster.

We offer to meet with all new HPC users, so that we can provide the necessary training to get started and enable your specific requirements.

We can provide further advice on a one-to-one or group basis, please email hpc.admin@uea.ac.uk for further details.