Quick Tips to Choose the First Sewing Machine

Quick Tips to Choose the First Sewing MachineMy dear sewists, did you choose the right sewing machine for yourselves?Don't be shy if you have searched yet. Only the wise one searches carefully, and then picks correctly. Indeed, the question of how to choose a sewing machine for beginners isn’t easy at all. You have a lot of things to pay attention to, including the models and features. It is hard to choose, especially when we have a thousand of new sewing machines introduced every day.We can't choose one for you, but we can help you out with a few tips. Keep reading, and you will find them helpful.Don’t ever rush the process and pick a machine randomly, just because you are so tempted to have one. Take a deep breath, grab a paper, and then follow two questions below. Try to answer each one of them as your life depends on it. Maybe, when you conclude your answers, you will see clearly which machine you need.Don’t ever rush the process and pick a machine randomlyQUESTION 01: HOW DO YOU PLAN TO USE YOUR MACHINE?Always re-determine your purposes before deciding to buy anything, not just a sewing machine. Because there are so many models available in the market, all come with both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, only by knowing precisely what you are going to do with the machine, you can narrow down the possibilities. Here are two examples:MendingFirst, if you draw your future sewing projects concentratedly on mending, hemming, and tailoring, you will look closely on sewing machine options with a free arm, blind hemming stitch, and foot. You will need a machine that can sew around to finish the leg and sleeve; as well as allow you to hem pants or skirts.According to the best sewing machine for beginners reviews, if you look for something to sew through heavier fabrics or be able to hem a thinner voile blouse, it won’t be cheap.Home decorSimilarly, if you love home decorations like curtains or pillowcases, you have to look at the options with automatic buttonholes and sturdy construction that can handle the thick fabrics or even many layers of them. Once again, these machines aren't on the budget-friendly list.QUESTION 02: HOW MUCH CAN YOU SPEND?Yes, the most major sequence coming after the purpose of your sewing machine is its price! The price of the sewing machine ranges from $50 up to even $5,000. However, it doesn't mean that the most expensive one is the best one. You are suggested to make your price range based on your budget, and search for a machine that can both adapt your purposes and your money. Here are some tips from ours:How much can you spend?
  • Don't overestimate the lower-cost tools. They often come with not-so-well long-term performance, especially if you plan to sew frequently. If your budget isn't supportive, think about a used machine - it could be a good deal in price or check out this article: Top Choice Of Best Inexpensive Sewing Machine For Beginners And Home Sewers.
  • Ask for help from consultants or dealers from our local sewing machine providers. If you can't suggest the right one for you, at least they can advise you a few options to investigate more on.
  • Check the options you have on several online purchasing platforms. They may have some deals or promotions that you can take advantage of.
  • Don't underestimate local big-box stores, and typically, the giant seller can offer you a lower price than usual.
Yep, we know that some other articles will give you more questions to ask and re-determine your ideal sewing machine. However, after seriously considering those questions, we conclude on only two issues as above. Try it yourself, you will agree with us!Source: https://cerac.unlpam.edu.ar/index.php/aljaba/user/viewPublicProfile/130432
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