How Do You Find the Best Cribs for Your First Born

The baby's crib is usually the most crucial piece of furniture you will need in your baby's room. You should look into that during their early years, the toddlers have the most intensive needs. Some planning as well as research are essential to find the safest crib. Begin searching for the right crib nearly a year before you are due, if at all possible. Here are some tips that you can follow when choosing the safest crib.

Select a baby crib that will fulfill your needs. Numerous manufacturers offer convertible baby cribs that will grow along with your baby. These begin as a regular baby crib, convert to a toddler bed, then to a twin-size bed when your child gets older. While these options are a bit pricier, the benefit comes in not having to buy multiple beds.

Buy a crib with small wheels. You will value the ease of movement when you're cleaning or rearranging.

Question the sales agent on safety specifications. The federal government has specific benchmarks manufacturers must comply with. For example, baby crib slats must be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so baby's head will not likely slip through the slats. Furthermore, the top part of the drop side must be at least 26 inches above the support at its lowest placement when raised and at least 9 inches above the mattress support when lowered. Stay away from models which have cut outs in the head or foot board because they can also trap a baby's head.

The room of your own baby should have a design with the view of creating the environment of quiet and tenderness. The most usual furniture needed within our baby's room consist of crib, wardrobe, baby changing table or chest of drawers. Nevertheless, your child furniture must also contain a shelf, toy box, cradle, and mattress accompanied by some accessories. The changing tables are usually endowed with safety straps so that you can prevent baby's fall. It is vital to install the changing tables in places with much less traffic and healthy air.

Shake the crib when it is on the sales floor. If it wobbles and is rickety, keep shopping or check the same model in another store to see if it was improperly assembled.

Determine the size of the crib, especially the area the mattress will fit. The interior of the baby crib should measure at least 51 3/4 inches long by 27 3/4 inches wide. If you can fit in two fingers very easily between the side of the crib and the mattress, the mattress is simply too small or the crib is too big. Inappropriate mattress fit can lead to your child fatally slipping beside or even underneath the mattress.

Are you still looking for an appropriate crib for your first born? Then you have to take a look at our review of the best cribs right now.
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