UEA Linux Desktop 18.04 is based on Ubuntu 18.04


You can access Activities either by pressing the Super key or clicking on the Activities option that is always displayed in the top left corner.

  • Activities gives you a quick glance at various applications running on your system
  • Search for applications or files
  • Switch to other workspaces

Application Display

See all the applications installed on your system using the Show Applications option at the bottom of the launcher.

You can also search for applications.

Add applications to the launcher

To add a running application to the launcher, right click on it and use the option “Add to favorites”.

Application switching

  • Use either Alt+Tab or Super+Tab keys to display the application switcher.
  • Keep holding the Alt or Super key and use the tab key to move to the next application. 
  • Shift+Tab instead of Tab to move to the application on the left

Logging out in Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME

Go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the drop down to bring out the setting panel.

Click on your username and select the log out option.

Change desktop background

Right click on the background - you get options to change the background and lock screen.

You can choose a picture as a background either from the available list of wallpapers, upload one from your system, or use solid colors as your background.