we recommend you use the office applications available in UEA's office365 browser options.  Apps includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint,OneNote and Sway

Terminal Services

Note this service will be retired later this year.

We offer a remote desktop solution for Linux users who wish to run Microsoft Office (Word,Excel and Powerpoint) applications or Internet Explorer. This uses the Remmina remote desktop client, which then connect to a Windows 2012 terminal server.
To use this solution either click on the Microsoft Office icon on the launcher
or search for Microsoft Office in the dash.

Enter your username and password and click ok.

When prompted to accept the certificate click OK.

Once logged in to the remote desktop session you will presented with Microsoft's 2012 Metro desktop start screen, you can make the display fullscreen by clicking on toggle fullscreen on the top of the Remmina options.

There are a couple of different ways to start the required application.  You can simply start typing the name of the application you are looking for e.g. word.

Or you can right click on the desktop and select All apps

You will then be presented with all the available applications

You can now use your selected application as you would if you were using a Windows desktop.

To toggle between your main desktop and the start screen (you will need to do this to sign out), you can either press the Windows key.
Or hover the mouse pointer down the bottom left hand corner of the screen and click the start pop up.

Or hover the mouse pointer down the bottom right corner of the screen and click the windows start icon.

To finish your remote desktop session click your username on the start screen and then click sign out.