Where do I save my files and how much storage space do I have?

Your home directory, (e.g., /home/env/yourusername) is your Central Filestore (CFS).  You have 50Gb of storage space available on the CFS, this is backed up regularly, you should save all your important documents, programs and data there.

Data can also be saved to the local disk in /local/scratch.  Please note that this data is not backed up.

Note on laptops - your home directory is the local disk, and links can be provided to central filestore.  You are responsible for backing up your work to central filestore if needed.


Access to your Central FileStore when off-campus or not connected to the wired network can be achieved using SSHFS, which is installed as standard.

First create and empty directory to act as the mountpoint:

mkdir ~/mycfs

then mount it using

sshfs rclogin.uea.ac.uk: ~/mycfs

If you still have a process runnning that uses the mountpoint, the unmount will fail with "Device or resource busy".