What is the UEA Linux desktop?


    Ubuntu LTS customised for UEA 



If you want to connect a Linux machine to the UEA network it needs to be  registered with the UEA DNS and managed by the UEA linux support team. 

If you only want to connect a laptop to the wireless network you can do that through eduroam and it doesn't need to be registered on the DNS.  If it is a personal machine then it can only connect through the wireless network.

To meet security policy, laptops are encrypted and access enabled via a passphrase in addition to the normal password.

Why would I want it ?

  • I have applications that only run on Linux.
  • It makes it easier to integrate with working on the HPC
  • I don't like windows !

How do I get it ?

Mail us at   IT.Linux@uea.ac.uk

Let us know:

  • Your username (eg abd12hgu)
  • Machine name  (eg env-19jh.uea.ac.uk)
  • Your location
  • A list of any non-standard software you require