RCLogin is the UEA generic Linux machine for simple Linux tasks.  Also acts as a gateway to all UEA networked machines -  SSH to rclogin.uea.ac.uk and then SSH to your machine.

Connecting to RCLogin

Connecting to RCLogin requires SSH, details on using SSH can be found here (please note the requirement to change grace.uea.ac.uk in the example to rclogin.uea.ac.uk).  Details for X11 configuration can be found here.

Software on RCLogin

There is a range of software packages available on rclogin, however if you find a tool or application is missing, please let us know and we will look at installing it.

Application Version Command Name
Gnuplot 4.0
Maple 15 maple or xmaple
Matlab 2011a

matlab or matlab2011a

R 2.15.2
3.0.2 (Revolution Analytics)
SAS 9.3 sas


Using RCLogin as a gateway

RCLogin can be used to access UEA services from outside UEA.

SSH into a UEA Ubuntu Desktop (e.g. to SSH to PCNAME.mth.uea.ac.uk):

ssh -Yt username@rclogin.uea.ac.uk 'ssh -Y PCNAME.mth'

RCLogin already mounts your UEA Central Filestore, but to copy files directly to a PC:

ssh -L 2022:PCNAME.mth.uea.ac.uk:22 rclogin.uea.ac.uk
scp -P 2022 file_to_transfer.txt localhost:/path/to/destination

Alternatively, the UEA VPN service can also be used.