In response to requests from the research community, we are relocating the data storage location for research staff to a new dedicated research storage architecture. This will allow us to be more flexible with the storage quota that we provide and allow us to better meet the requirements of research councils.

You need ensure that you have logged off or shutdown your PC in preparation for the work that will take place overnight. Failure to do so may result in temporary data loss or corruption.

As Linux users, what else do you need to know?

  • If you use Dropbox, after your filestore has been migrated please email before trying to use Dropbox


  • The path of your migrated CFS differs from the previous path. 

If your previous path was:


then your new path will be


Any references to the absolute path of the home directory in settings or scripts will need to be updated manually.

If you have any problems after migration, or need advice on updating scripts etc, please contact