Providing support for linux at UEA

There are a variety of linux resources at UEA.

UEA Linux Desktop

We provide and support the UEA Ubuntu Linux desktop that conforms to UEA security and authentication standards.

UEA linux buyers guide

 2019 buyers guide

Connecting from outside UEA

You need to connect to the uea network using vpn.

Once you have logged in to the vpn, you can ssh to any machine on the uea network as if you were on campus.


Generic linux machine for simple linux tasks. 

To gain access to this machine please fill in our application form.

Once you have been given access, connect to the UEA VPN, and then ssh to

High performance computing

If you have jobs that require large memory, long run times, multiple runs, or parallel work you should consider using the High Performance Computing facility at UEA.