Matlab Distributed Computing Server

We have installed Matlab 2013a Distributed Computing Server (DCS) onto the Windows HPC cluster.

This will give you with the ability to run Matab Parallel code by using the the Parallel Computing Toolbox in conjunction with the Microsoft HPC client utilities.

To use this service you will need the following pre-requisites:

  1. Matlab R2013a installed via the UEA Software Application Catalogue.
  2. Windows HPC Pack 2012 installed via the UEA Software Application Catalgoue.
  3. Your username registered as a Windows HPC user, please email to request this.

Once you have the the pre-requisites you can install the Windows HPC cluster profile:

Launch Matlab 2013a.
Click Parallel menu and select 'Manage Configurations'

Download the profile settings file from here

Click import.

Browse to the location where you saved the settings file and double click the file to import.

Once the settings are imported, validate the setup by clicking Validate.

Once all tests have passed you are now ready to run parallel jobs.

To open a parallel session use the matlabpool command telling it to use the winhpc configuration and also how many workers to start (up to the maximum of 32), so you do not use up all the resources for other users it is recommended that you use a maximum of 16 workers :

>>matlabpool open winhpc 16
Starting matlabpool using the 'winhpc' profile ... connected to 16 workers

When complete remember to close your session so other jobs can use the workers:

>>matlabpool close

More information about paralellization with Matlab along with some example code can be found on our Grace application page.