Stata is a general purpose data analysis and statistical package used by researchers from differing backgrounds.  Further information can be found here. We have multiple versions of Stata installed. Please email for further details.

Prior to using Grace you will need to register for an account.  We aim to setup all new accounts within 2 working days.

You will receive a confirmation email which will detail how to use Grace once your account has been created.

Using the single core SE version of Stata on the Cluster

If you have Stata installed locally on your PC, it is probable that it's the SE version. Which executes your Stata code, on a single core only. If you have Stata tasks which don't take particularly long to run, then this is probably the best version for you to use.

It is possible to use Stata 13 SE in a variety of ways:

  • Xinteractive (With Graphical User Interface - Single Core) - Stata13
  • Batch mode (Without Graphical User Interface - Single Core) - Stata13


Using the Multi Core MP version of Stata on the Cluster

It is possible to have your code execute on more than one core at any one time. Grace currently has Stata13 and Stata13 MP16 available, which represents the possibility of having your code executed on 16 cores simultaneously. Running your tasks in this fashion can offer significant performance benefits. Please see the following guide, which details theoretical performance gains. 

During testing, we found that "Parallelizable" jobs which normally ran for 2-3 hours on a computer running SE version, were taking around 20 minutes running on the MP version on Grace. Similarly jobs which were taking 4-5 days were taking around 9 hours to run, with Stata MP. A full guide to using Stata MP is available from the link below.


For reference purposes, a Stata 13 MP16 submission script is shown below.

Stata13 MP16 jobscript sample

#BSUB -q short
#BSUB -x
#BSUB -R 'select[sandy]'
#BSUB -J leo_Parallel_job
#BSUB -oo leoPar-%J.out
#BSUB -eo leoPar-%J.err
. /etc/profile
module add stata/13
stata-mp -b do

If you have any further questions please email hpc.admin

Commands to start Stata

Command Comments
xstata-se Starts Stata in GUI driven mode (Multiple cores)
stata-se Starts Stata in non GUI driven mode (Single core)
xstata-mp Starts Stata in GUI driven mode (Multiple core)
stata-mp Starts Stata in non GUI driven mode (Multiple core)


Using Stata on a large memory node

It is possible to use Stata on a large memory node. Please see the following examples:

  • Xinteractive -q interactive-lm
  • interactive -q interactive-lm