We currently have over 500 application's installed on Grace. Which include: MatlabStata, R, SASCDATPerl, Python and many more. See below for a snippet of the software which is currently installed on Grace. If you require further information please email hpc.admin@uea.ac.uk


Access to software is controlled by modules which configure your environment to use specific applications. Grace uses this method for controlling access to applications, tools and libraries, allowing you to select software options and setup the relevant environment variables. There are a few simple commands which allow you to retrieve information about the software installed (modules) on Grace HPC.

Full details of all software installed on Grace, can be found at the bottom of the page.

To view a list of all available modules, type:

module avail

To load a module, type:

 module add <module name>

To unload a module, type:

module del <module name>

To list the contents of a module file, type:

module show <module-name>

The module show command is useful in finding library paths for the purpose of linking against libraries. Library paths are comma delimited directories that are assigned to the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH

One of the questions we get asked routinely, is "what is the command to run my program?" Hopefully the table below, goes someway to resolving this question for the most common applications installed on Grace. The "Executable/Binary" column denotes the command which should be run to launch the appropriate application.

Running Software

The table below details the most common applications used on Grace. The commands in the Executable/Binary column should be used to start your application. Specific details relating to each command can be acquired from hpc.admin

Application  Module Executable/Binary
Matlab matlab/2012a matlab, matlabcli
Stata stata/12 xstata-se stata-se xstata-mp stata-mp
R R/2.15.1 R
SAS SAS/9.3 sas_en
Maple maple/15 maple, maple-x
Python python/2.7.3 python
Gaussview gaussview/9B01 gview
Ferret ferret/6.7.2 ferret