Grace now benefits from having 3 distinct CPU architectures, Westmere 12 core, Sandy Bridge 16 core, and Ivy Bridge 20 core.
It is important when requesting cluster resource, where appropriate, to request the correct architecture. Please see below for further details.

Batch Jobs

Please note that unless you specify a particular architecture in your job submission script, your job will be allocated to each architecture in the following order of preference, Westmere 1st Sandy Bridge 2nd Ivy Bridge 3rd. Which is more than adequate in most cases.
Please use the following examples in your submission scripts where appropriate
Request access to Westmere 12 core systems

#BSUB -R 'select[west]'

Request access to Sandy Bridge 16 core systems

#BSUB -R 'select[sandy]'

Request access to Ivy Bridge 20 core systems - (Multithreaded or Parallel jobs) 

#BSUB -R 'select[ivy]'

Please note that the following command/request is now deprecated 

#BSUB -R 'select[!sandy]'

If you have any further questions – please email