Getting Support For HPC Related Problems            

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All support requests should be sent to hpc.admin

You can help us provide a faster solution by providing us with the following information when reporting issues:

Login Issues

• Name and location of machine connecting from
• Confirmation you are trying to connect to
• OS and connection method (Putty or Exceed etc)
• Confirmation you are using your standard UEA username and password

General job issues

• Application being used
• A general description of the problem
• Output of ‘which application'
• Output of ‘module list'
• Any error or warning messages
• Location and name of job submission script and output files
• Location of input and output data
• Have you run this application before on the cluster successfully ?
• Have you used this input data successfully on the cluster ?
• Node name

Getting Support for Linux related issues:

Please see the following page

Getting Support for generic Windows related issues:

Please contact your normal IT support team