Unix provision at UEA started in the early 1990s with a "farm" of Dec Alpha machines.

The HPCMG (High Performance Computing Management Group) was set up in Jan 1997 in order to provide for the growing demand for "High Performance Computing" from researchers in the science schools.  A £50 000 startup funding provded for a new machine and 0.5 fte support post

In June 1998 new hardware was installed - cpca12 -  Unix AlphaServer DS20 - dual 533MHz processor with 2Gb memory.  A job distribution system was implemented (running DQS).  It ran 4 batch queues and 4 interactive slots.  Overflow batch queues ran on the newer of the stand alone alpha farm machines (cpca4, 5, 6, and 7).  At the time there were approximately 20 Unix machines scattered around the science schools.

Over the next few years further DS20s were added to the pool.  Storage was on local disks, backed up to tape once a week.