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Files edited on windows - dos2unix

When editing or creating files on a windows based system, the formatting is different to that of a file created and edited on a  Linux system. This can cause errors, say for instance when you submit a jobscript (bsub) file on the cluster.

Problems of this nature can usually be observed in any error files which are created, which would specifically reference "/bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory" Where the "^m" specifically denotes a problem with the line ending/formatting.  

This is easily resolved by utilising the dos2unix program which is available on grace.  Please see the usage example below, where I convert a jobscript called "edited_windows.bsub" from windows/dos format to Linux format.

This is easily done by using the following command: 

dos2unix filename


Below is a screen shot of the above command being executed to convert the files "edited_windows.bsub".

dos2unix Screenshot


Core files

Sometimes your process may crash, often a a result of excessive memory demands.  A core dump file will be created in your working directory.  These files may be very large.  They are generally of no use to the user and should be deleted.