Many research project do not have an off-the-shelf solution. Working in close collaboration with the Electronics Workshop envSoft can help you identify your exact requirements and

design an appropriate system with features specifically tailored to your needs.  

Writing practical, useable instrument control software requires more then just programming skills.    

It also requires graduate level understanding of the analytical, technical, and scientific aspects behind the instrument, qualifications in electronics, interfacing expertise and years of hands on laboratory experience.

The envSoft programming team has this background and can bring a unique combination of scientific understanding with the perspective of the end-user to bear on developing your solution.

We specialise in integrated instrument control and data acquisition and have developed our own in-house scripting language allowing users to modify system operation whilst in the field when necessary.

Requirements on previous projects have included:

Serial communications interface

Acquisition of analog and digital signals and storage into data output files

Sophisticated automated 'flagging' of data into good or bad quality subsets

Temperature measurement and control

Pressure measurement and control

Flow rate measurement and control

Automated valves

Stepper motor control

Global positioning Systems

Real time display of relevant data

Automatic calibration

Automated response to specific conditions such as global position

Watchdogs and other safety systems

Data output in specific formats at specific intervals

Automated storage of data locally and by FTP to remote locations