Bespoke Software From envSoft:

Formerly part of the School of Environmental Sciences, envSoft is the software solutions arm of Research Computing Services within ITCS, providing critical bespoke software support for many national and international research programmes including a broad range of state-of-the-art, world-leading environmental science projects.


envSoft provides and supports much of the software used by the LGMAC research centre.

Many analytical instruments on scientific research ships, at Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory, and in ENV research labs presently operate with computer programs written by envSoft.

Members of the envSoft team are named on the European Union's "CarboEurope" project, and on the EU's "IMECC" project, in addition to upcoming funded NERC projects and pending NERC proposals.


Systems Advice

envSoft can help you specify exactly what it is that you require from a new software system. Drawing on existing experience we can advise on the most appropriate solution both in terms of software and hardware.

Instrument Control

Many research projects do not have an off-the-shelf solution. Working in close collaboration with the Environmental Sciences Electronics Workshop, envSoft can help you identify your exact requirements and design an appropriate system with features specifically tailored to your needs:

Automated control

Real time display of relevant data

Automatic calibration

Watchdogs and other safety systems

Data output in exactly the format you require

Replacement Software

Sometimes an existing instrument is the perfect tool for a given project, but is let down by awkward and unreliable software. envSoft can provide a robust new interface system, tailored specifically to the user's needs.

Online Booking Systems

Whether it be an analytical instrument, a laptop, a meeting room or a vehicle, envSoft has provided simple, clear online booking systems enabling clients to check availability at a glance and make a request for that service to the appropriate administrator. Systems are designed to minimise time spent on administration while enabling easy administrative access to all relevant data.

Data Collation

Sometimes the data is there but in an inappropriate form or spread between several different files. envSoft can provide software to collect the data together in a form to facilitate easy further analysis.

Dynamic Websites

When new data is being generated all the time, envSoft can provide systems to keep web pages updated with the latest data.

Remote Data Collection

envSoft can provide solutions to automate the process of data collection from remote locations. This data can be validated against specified criteria, arranged into a series of appropriate data files and used as the source of dynamic content on a website.

Databases and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

Depending on the scale of your requirements, envSoft can provide database solutions using Microsoft Access, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

Recent projects include:

Image Analysis

 quantitative assessment of irregularity in Amazon rain forest canopy

Instrument Control

 autonomous shipboard measurement of CO2 and O2 concentration in air with self calibration