Please do not run jobs on the login node

Running jobs directly on the login node can have an adverse affect on other users of the cluster.

All jobs must run on the compute nodes.

Access to compute nodes is only available via the queuing system. 


Jobs should be submitted either by requesting an interactive session, or by writing a script to run it in a batch mode.  A script is a file that contains all the commands to run the job.  When you submit the job, it is then placed in a queueing system which will allocate the job when the requested resources become available.

Please select the relevant option on the left hand menu for more details about the different types of jobs.

Monitoring your jobs

Submit a job script called job.sub

sbatch <job.sub>

Show a list of your running jobs

squeue -u <userid>

Show an overview of your jobs

susers -u <userid>

Show an overview of your array jobs

ausers -u <userid>

Show detailed information about a job

squeue -j <JOBID>

Kill a running a job

scancel <JOBID>

Show a list of all running jobs on the cluster


Show a overview of all running jobs on the cluster


Show a overview of all running jobs on a specific queue (choose relevant queue)

lshosts | grep compute-28-128