Configure winscp

Open WinSCP from the start menu and configure a session as shown in Image 1 below.

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Image 1


  1. From the main panel, under Host Name enter
  2. Enter your username
  3. You can choose to enter your password as this point, or enter it each time you connect
  4. Click Login to start the WinSCP session and connect to hpc (You should now see a simular representation to Image 2 below
  5. If you wish to save the configuration for future use click Save 
  6. Previously saved sessions can be found under Stored Sessions.

Image 2


winscp navigation

The Left Panel by default shows the contents of your local PC (Image 2)

The Right Panel by default shows the contents of your hpc Home directory (Image 2)

Navigation is the same as normal Windows explorer navigation. It is also possible to drag directory's and folders between panels, as is it also possible to drag a file from outside of WinSCP to the Left or Right Panel.  As demonstrated in Image 3, where a spreadsheet residing on the desktop is being dragged to a directorty called "work" on the cluster.

Image 3