PuTTy Configuration

On UEA supported devices the HPC connection should automatically be listed in the saved sessions list.

If you need to configure PuTTY manually, double click on the PuTTy icon, so that the configuration window appears, and follow the example images/text below.

Image 1


  1. In the main panel, under Host Name enter ada.uea.ac.uk (Image 1)
  2. Below that, in Saved Sessions enter HPC. (Image 1)
  3. In the left panel go to Connection > SSH > X11 (Image 2)
  4. In the right panel under X11 forwarding, tick the Enable X11 forwarding check box (Image 2)
  5. In the X display location box, enter localhost:0 (Image 2)
  6. Back under the Session tab in the left panel, click Save
  7. Click Open, to start the PuTTy session and connect to HPC
  8. Future sessions can be launched by double clicking the HPC entry, from the Saved Sessions list.

Image 2


These instructions, whilst configuring PuTTy, also configure X11 forwarding, which enables you to open graphical windows from the cluster, on your Windows computer, so you can use Matlab or Stata in a graphical fashion. To do this, you will also need an X server running, such as Xming, details on configuring this can be found on the following page.

To copy files from one system to another (Your PC to the Cluster) you must use either; SCP or SFTP. You will most likely need to do this to upload code or data files, which may have been developed on your computer, but now need to be run on ADA. A guide is available from the following page.