High Performance Compute Cluster - ada.uea.ac.uk

ADA is our new research cluster.  We have moved most users over from HPC, prior to decommissioning HPC later in the autumn.

It runs the Centos 7 linux operating system, and the open source SLURM job scheduler

It has 10Gbit ethernet communication between all new ADA nodes.  Any migrated over from HPC have 1Gbit ethernet communication.  If you need to move a lot of data to a node as part of your job, you should use the more recent ADA nodes (compute-24-96).


The ADA and linux environment is new to many users and may require a different method of working.  Please browse the site for information on how to use the cluster.

We offer to meet with all new ADA users, so that we can provide the necessary training to get started and enable your specific requirements.

We can provide further advice on a one-to-one or group basis, please email hpc.admin@uea.ac.uk for further details.