High Performance Compute Cluster - ada.uea.ac.uk

Ada is our new cluster, which is currently in the pilot phase

It runs the Centos 7 linux operating system, and the opensource SLURM job scheduler. 

It has 10Gbit ethernet communication between all nodes.

The ADA cluster consists of the following components:


Node Names Node Type  CPU/GPU Cores (Total) Clock Speed Memory Interconnect IB Fabric Queues Usage
c0001 to c0050 compute Intel Xeon Silver 4116 24 2.1Ghz 96GB DDR4 10Gb/s Eth -- compute Standard workflows
none at present Infiniband (IB) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parallel jobs and or I/O intensive/threaded jobs
g01 to g04


Intel Xeon Silver 4116
NVIDIA Quadro P5000
CPU 24
2.1GHz 384GB DDR4 10Gb/s Eth -- gpu GPU aware jobs
h01 to h04 High memory Intel Xeon Silver 4116 24 2.1GHz 768GB DDR4 10Gb/s Eth -- hmem Large memory jobs