High Performance Compute Cluster - ada.uea.ac.uk

ADA is our new cluster.  We are now moving users over from HPC, prior to decommissioning HPC.

It runs the Centos 7 linux operating system, and the opensource SLURM job scheduler. 

It has 10Gbit ethernet communication between all nodes.


The ADA and linux environment is new to many users and may require a different method of working.  Please browse the site for information on how to use the cluster.

We offer to meet with all new ADA users, so that we can provide the necessary training to get started and enable your specific requirements.

We can provide further advice on a one-to-one or group basis, please email hpc.admin@uea.ac.uk for further details.

The ADA cluster consists of the following components:


Node Names Node Type  CPU/GPU Cores (Total) Clock Speed Memory Interconnect IB Fabric Queues Usage
c0001 to c0050 compute Intel Xeon Silver 4116 24 2.1Ghz 96GB DDR4 10Gb/s Eth -- compute Standard workflows
Infiniband (IB) Intel Xeon Silver 4116 24 2.1Ghz 96GB DDR4 56Gb/s IB
1Gb/s Eth
Mellanox ib Parallel jobs and or I/O intensive/threaded jobs
g01 to g04


Intel Xeon Silver 4116
NVIDIA Quadro P5000
CPU 24
2.1GHz 384GB DDR4 10Gb/s Eth -- gpu GPU aware jobs
h01 to h04 High memory Intel Xeon Silver 4116 24 2.1GHz 768GB DDR4 10Gb/s Eth -- hmem Large memory jobs